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    <p> Transport helicopters escorted by helicopter gunships-the new “air cavalry”- hazarded hostile territory to carry out the wounded. For individuals who can keep out of debt, the foundations of lending could not matter. The household that may handle $2,000 of debt at 9 percent discovers that it cannot stay afloat when interest charges skyrocket to 29 percent. Meaning they had about $1,500 a month to cowl meals, clothing, utilities, and the rest they might want-just about half of their earnings. They must discover a approach to purchase food, clothes, utilities, life insurance, furniture, appliances, and so on with less than $500 a month. They might take advantage of the way in which the West valued human life. It’s very embarrassing. He appeared very ashamed with himself and he didn’t want to be that approach it was one thing he struggled with. In different phrases, they didn’t want as a lot cash if one thing went mistaken. In other words, today’s family has no margin for error.</p>

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